Jun 25

Poll: I'm Single Because.....


Edited: Jun 27


Ladies, I just want to understand what you are experiencing or going through, in regards to being single and the dating scene.


Why are you single? Are you working on yourself, having a hard time getting back into dating, etc.


Personally, I think I am more focused on self -development, wanting to grow in my finances and career and trying to get healthier. Also, I find the dating scene very limited here in San Antonio for black women (maybe it’s just me).


How about you? Let us know below.

For me it would be because I want to gather myself together well enough, to bring more to the table. When I meet my husband.

Same! And a part of me feels like if I'm going to expect something at least have it for myself


I’m single because I just signed my divorce papers on Monday (yay! Lol) Next year I’ll date; I just wanna have fun for the rest of year :)


I have noticed some black women bemoaning the dating scene in SA and Austin. It’s usually, but not always the same women bemoaning SA/Austin in general. I think it’s intertwined. Sometimes we limit our conception of what it is to be black. We can limit ourselves to certain places, experiences or events because its not “what black folk do.” We lose out when we allow stereotypical norms to domineer our behavior.


I am always willing to go to a new place and immerse myself into it. For example, I went to Jazz,TX alone on Salsa night a few weeks ago. I loved it so much that I plan on taking Salsa classes in the fall. In that class I will be partnered with a man and maybe a connection will happened, who knows? I’m willing to put myself out there, try something new and I’m willing to be uncomfortable to learn. I don’t think my fellow sistas are willing to do that. At least here.


I have close two friends that both moved here in 2018. One is adaptable and open; she went to a new bar, met a guy and now they’ve been dating for a year and recently moved in together. My other friend rejects most events I invite her to because it’s not typical black people stuff and she refused to participate in a dance class I invited her to. She also complains there’s nothing to do in San Antonio and how she can't find a man.


Sometimes it’s us and not men. I’m not bashing anyone, it’s just an observation. Thank you!

Sarah, I definitely hope you have so much fun this year. I totally agree and I can I admit to sometime putting myself in a box. But the reality is, black people are not standard. We don't all think, look, or act a alike. It takes courage to be uncomfortable and put yourself our there. But in the end, you come better, stronger.


Thank you so much for sharing. I'm inspired to step outside my comfort zone.


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  • Hi Everyone, So I recent had a discussion with a friend where the question came up, “What are you doing to find someone?” Here is my issue with that question, TO ME, is suggests that being in a relationship is superior to being single. Or, that my efforts should only be about finding a significant other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-relationship. I personally just don’t want to be so focused on finding someone that I forget to enjoy the now. So, I purposed this question instead: Am I taking full advantage of my single life? Am I hanging out with my friends and family, am I traveling, saving for my future, getting /staying healthy, and even flirting a little. Am I enjoying the now? Tell me below. Are you taking advantage of the single life? If so, what are you doing? If not, what’s holding you back?
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