Jun 19

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Single Life?


Edited: Jun 24


Hi Everyone,


So I recent had a discussion with a friend where the question came up, “What are you doing to find someone?” Here is my issue with that question, TO ME, is suggests that being in a relationship is superior to being single. Or, that my efforts should only be about finding a significant other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-relationship. I personally just don’t want to be so focused on finding someone that I forget to enjoy the now. So, I purposed this question instead: Am I taking full advantage of my single life? Am I hanging out with my friends and family, am I traveling, saving for my future, getting /staying healthy, and even flirting a little. Am I enjoying the now?


Tell me below. Are you taking advantage of the single life? If so, what are you doing? If not, what’s holding you back?

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  • So, I know I can't be the only one who has experienced this? Hes cute, cool, and you're feeling him, expect one thing... he sucks in bed. What do you do? Is it superficial to break up with someone because your not being pleased in bed. Sex isn't everything right? Do you try to teach him? What if he doesn't get it? Let me know know!!
  • Ladies, I just want to understand what you are experiencing or going through, in regards to being single and the dating scene. Why are you single? Are you working on yourself, having a hard time getting back into dating, etc. Personally, I think I am more focused on self -development, wanting to grow in my finances and career and trying to get healthier. Also, I find the dating scene very limited here in San Antonio for black women (maybe it’s just me). How about you? Let us know below.
  • So, recently at a church service, the pastor said that (I’m paraphrasing here) many people are single because they have no vision. They 2 things that matter is: Does he/she have a good heart? & does he/she have wisdom? Everything else can be worked on/fixed. In theory that shit sounds good but uhhh… I don’t know. That could work or it come back to bite you in the ass. Ya’ll let give me some insights below.
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