Jul 16

Corporate America vs Entrepreneurship

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How many of you are trying to be full-time entrepreneurs?

However, you can’t deny that leaving behind corporate america wont be hard.

Consistent paychecks, health insurance, paid vacations, and etc are definitely hard to walk away from.

How many of you are entrepreneurs or want to be? Have you left your full-time jobs?

Being a Single Mother of 3 Corporate America is hard to leave because it's hard to plan for so many mouths to feed with a fluctuating income so knowing what your going to get and how often defiantly helps. But and it's a big butt, Not being able to rise to your full potential because you have to operate to the beat of someone else's drum. I have given so much of my intellectual property away and for pennies (that same paycheck), no credit, and still being over looked when it's time to promote people. Being an entrepreneur it's more important to me emotionally and mentally, being passionate about what i'm doing is important. I want to be satisfied with what I pour my energy into and something to show for long nights, time away from my kids I want it to be worth something, I can control what is being represented and be proud about it.

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